A very grateful mom

“Boston Private School became the answers to my prayers.  They offered the necessary remedial help that my son so desperately needed at the time and their small classes of 10-15 learners, were exactly what the (proverbial) doctor ordered!  Slowly, but surely, my timid, shy, introvert son became a confident young man.

I remember my very first parent/teacher meeting at BPS very vividly.  I come from a place where teachers only want/need to see the “learners at risk”, or the “extreme cases”.  Imagine my shock when I was informed that his teacher needed to see me – unbeknown to me that teacher/parent meeting time-slots were scheduled with all parents!  I remember stopping his teacher whilst she was reporting on his behaviour and academic progress, asking her if she knew whose mother I am!  I honestly could not believe my ears – I have never heard adjectives such as “hard working”, “disciplined”, “attentive” and “intelligent” being used by an educator to describe my son. I was overwhelmed with emotion.”